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About Birchy

Sam (Birchy) Birch is a Balanggarra, Kija & Jaru man born & bred in Wyndham town. he grew up out bush on Balanggarra country from the age of 5 with his father who taught him the way of life, how to hunt, fish, survive and live off the land. He has a love and passion for fishing and hunting and being out bush is his healing space. He started Birchy's Fishing Tours as a way to share this knowledge of Country by allowing visitors the opportunity to experience life on Country and learn about traditional cultural practices and bush skills.

10 Day Tagalong Tour

Welcome to My Country

caring for Country

Gra is our word for our country...  the land, sea, rivers, islands and all that they contain. More than that, Gra means home, it is our homeland. Our gra is the place we use for camping all the time; it’s our history, where our family comes from. Our gra reminds us of our old people. We say gra when we talk about specific areas like Oomari or Pago. Gra can be used as well to describe bigger country such as Manarra (coastal Berkeley region) or Wirngir (Lyne River area).

Educating visitors about Caring for Country is a vital part of our tour business. Living sustainably on Country means observing cultural protocols and only taking what you need and releasing undersized or excess fish, this ensures fish stocks are maintained and our rivers remain healthy for future generations.